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22 August 2008

JAMU Recipe: Medicine for Hypertension

(Resep JAMU Tradisional)
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These days disease of Hypertension a lot of groaning society. This disease [is] very dangerous because can kill the patient. Ironically.
This disease couses [is] for example because stress, liquor, high fatty food, fatness and less of sport.
  • Symptom :
  1. Heavy headache
  2. Heart always palpitate, sleepless
  3. Easy fulminate
  4. Back ache.
traditionally [is] [his/its] medication shall be as follows :
  • Substance
  1. Belimbing Wuluh ( Averhoa Bilimbi) ………….. 50 gr.
  2. Marrow ( Lagenaria Siceraria) ………….. 50 gr.
  3. Turmeric ( Curcuma Domestica) ………… 100 gr.
  • Way of Making :
All substance shredded to [by] attenuate, then braised by 1 litre irrigate. Let the water till only ½ litre.
  • Way of Use :
Drinked [by] 3 times one day, every drinking as much 1 cup. Do/Conduct routinely during 5 day.
  • Suggestion :
  1. Avoid stress and a lot of rest.
  2. Don't eat mutton, milk, lessening to eat salt.
  3. Don't drink liquor, don't smoke and drink coffee
  4. Light sport consecutively
Source : Ingredient of Prima Patrimony [of] Raga by : DS. Soewito M
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